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Our patent pending pillows have been designed to provide comfort and support while soothing your body during sleep.

The unique hybrid fill is made of a hypoallergenic synthetic down alternative and memory foam, which combine to maintain stability while providing a feathery soft feel.

The unique patent pending shape has been engineered so that it can be adjusted to fit your unique sleep style and position, it’s an excellent choice for those who like a soft feel without giving up support.

Are you getting the sleep you deserve?

Picture of woman sleeping with the Zees Sleep signature pillow.
Our bed and travel pillows have a patent pending shape that help deliver more restful sleep.
We use a unique dual combination fill in our pillows to deliver support and softness.
Our signature bed pillows allow you to adjust the loft of your pillow to fit your desired height and firmness.
"Ever since I received my Zees® pillow, it's been my constant nightly companion in sleep. The innovative design of the pillow helps keep me asleep. Sleeping better at night, makes my next day better. Thanks Zees!"

"I didn't realize how uncomfortable my old pillows were until I got my Zees® pillow! I love that it's adjustable and I can make it fit my sleep needs ... especially using it postpartum for sleep and support while nursing/holding baby."

"This pillow will change your life! I've had mine for over a year and it's still as fluffy as day 1."

"I wake up with no back pain, no hip pain, NO PAIN AT ALL."

"I work as an international flight attendant ... since I started flying with my Zees® pillow, I've noticed a huge difference in my sleep."

"The Zees® pillow is a game changer for anyone that has sleep apnea and uses a CPAP machine. The design allows you to sleep on your side and even on you stomach without having the pillow push on your mask and losing the seal."

"For side-sleepers that like body pillows, the pillow's twist along with the adjustable loft is a huge advantage."

"Best pillow ever especially for GERD. Very comfortable and allows me to sleep without having acid reflux. I was staying at a hotel the other night and had bad indigestion and really wish I had this pillow. I will have to order a travel pillow too!"

"We easily removed as much foam as needed to work with our own unique comfort demands. The result is exceptional comfort."

"The pillow is wonderful, it has so many different comfort levels."

"If you are in need of a pillow that offers you ultimate customization, then this is the pillow for you!"

"I just wanted to let your company know that I supposedly stopped snoring, as per my fiancé. She had to check and see if I was still alive."

"I've had my Zees® pillow for 6 months now and it is by far the best pillow I've ever purchased! With daily use and many machine washes, it is still as full and plump as the day I received it."

"I received the Zees® pillow a week ago. I haven't slept this soundly in years... This sounds corny, but this pillow is a godsend for me. I won't ever use a different pillow."

"I could not be happier with my two pillows and highly recommend that everybody in their household gets one."

"I was given a Zees® pillow as a gift and fell in love with it right away. I use it every day now. Would highly recommend!"

Rest and Relax

Zees® is a thoughtfully designed, patent pending pillow made of Memory Foam materials and synthetic down fibers that are hypoallergenic. The pillow is washable and the loft can be adjusted to your liking. Zees® was designed to give you a better night’s sleep, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day.

Bed Pillows

A whole new way to sleep, the perfect blend of comfort and support. Our patent-pending Zees® Bed Pillow is cool, adjustable, washable, and designed to fit every sleep style and position, so you can create the best pillow for you, Not just some average user.

The memory foam base conforms to your head and neck, while the down-alternative fiber fill offers excellent breathability and comfort. Our hypoallergenic materials are safe for sensitive skin, so you’ll don’t have to worry about allergies or night sweats with our pillow. And since its fabric covers are washable, your bedding will always look fresh and clean!

Dream easy with Zees Sleep pillows.

Travel Pillows

The Zees® Travel Pillow is the best way to sleep on a long car ride, flight, or train. Made of same Memory Foam and synthetic down alternative fiber fill for ultimate comfort, the pillow is washable and provides the perfect fit for your head and neck. It also works great as a knee pillow for side sleepers.

Our patent-pending design allows you to sleep comfortably as you’re traveling from place to place.

Our Flock

Woman sleeping on Zees Sleep pillow

Bed Pillows

Introducing the Zees® sleep pillow. The king of comfort and adjustability. Our patent-pending design lets you choose the perfect loft to suit your needs, from soft support for shoulder and back sleepers to medium support for side sleepers. We don’t tell you how to sleep, we let you decide – Zees® Sleep Pillows.
Woman holding Zees travel pillow behind her head.

Travel Pillows

Introducing the Zees® Sleep travel pillow. A new experience for travelers who want to be comfortable in any situation and anywhere. With a unique patented design, you will be able to enjoy your trip with the comfort and support you are used to. It also works well as a knee bolster for side sleepers.
Photo of Zees pillow covers and the logo tag.

Pillow Accessories

Your Zees® pillow is ready to be personalized. It’s designed to fit your unique sleep needs, and our accessories even adapt to match your sleep style. Browse through our assortment of items and find one that matches you.